2017 Web & Graphic Design Trends

Honestly, I am actually having a difficult time going head first into 2017, and for the last few weeks I have spent time reading several renowned web and graphic design newsletters and blogs, compiling various trends lists. A rather pleasant and inspirational activity in this ever-fast changing business in order to stay curious and up to date with the creative crowd out there! So like me, I invite you to slow down just for a bit, and have a look at my gathering of coming design trends – might be time for a change!

VIDEOS – Videos are now part of branding. Google predicts that 74% of all web traffic will come from videos. Websites will features more full-screen glossy videos as well as smaller pieces aimed at educating, sharing and enticing.

MOBILE FIRST – In 2017 a website must be responsive and the content developed for the mobile reader.

MAGAZINE WORTHY TYPOGRAPHY – I love typography, and I am happy to see many sites with beautiful typo. It DOES make a difference. There’s less of a gap nowadays between offline content and online content. Yes! All my magazine design experience is becoming more and more applicable and valuable.

WHITE SPACE – It goes along with pretty fonts, beautiful photos, and mobile usage. More white/negative space to let content breath + it’s easier to read.

LESS COLLAPSIBLE MENU – Emphasize again on the “magazine” type design layout where the content is more visible and flow, less hidden.

PHOTOGRAPHY – We’re moving towards authenticity in photography and away from cheesy stock photos. Products are taken in natural light, natural backgrounds= product integration. Photos go in conjunction with website redesign. Here’s a good saying to remember: “ if content is King, then photos are its Queen!” So, please use good photos, or hire a photographer, like me to set up a photo session.

ANIMATED GIFS – I thought they were gone but they are coming back big time in emails, sale banners etc… They are those animated images, basically a hybrid between a video and a still image. Again, something new to spice up your content, grab attention and get more clicks!

COLORS –  Yes, more and more vibrant color combos! Such as turquoise and gold, purple and yellow? Why not, standing out is becoming a challenge, so keep the subtle tones for the living room and go big typography, bold color or try DUOTONE used with B&W photos….

These trends are worth keeping an eye on to integrate them into  your future web or print projects. If you are thinking of designing or redesigning your website or develop promotional materials this year, first hire a designer. They are a necessity to give your content a professional look.

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