Branding and your business for 2017?

Have you yet chosen your 2017 business resolution? What will need to be improved or changed in the New Year?

As a small business owner, you might have lots of plan… But where do you start? Here’s one of my suggestions:

How about taking the branding of your business more seriously?

Branding is often associated with investing tons of money in marketing and promotion, but branding on a low budget is realistic if you are able to take quality time to think about your business mission.

Pause & Reflect and see how consistent and unify your business strategy is. To help you along the way, check out the following points:

  1. Can you define your brand values and explain your business mission? Your business mission being all the things that make your brand such as:
  2. Your message. Is your main message delivered clearly and consistently?
  3. Your tagline: Do you have a proper tagline A tagline being a concise, catchy sentence that summarizes your business.
  4. Your logo. Do you like your logo? Check how it stands besides competitors. Here’s a quick tip: print your logo, cut it out and stick it up on your fridge. Note what annoys you; what do you like about it? Has it aged well? How about the colours? The typography? Reflect: Do you still relate to it?
  5. Your visibility. Is your brand visible? Are you keeping up with local networking? Are you sending positive feedbacks via social media, creating digital campaigns? Reflect: Are you active on your Facebook, Twitter, or Google business account?
  6. Your website. Does your website still function as your online shop window? When was the last time you updated your website content and images? Reflect: Does it matter to you what your site looks like? Do you still like it?

Okay, let’s stop here for now! You have probably come to realize that to create unity in a business brand is no simple task. It takes lots of thinking, time and creativity! No panic, don’t rush your decisions, make yourself a fresh plan and prioritize your needs, decide on a budget, you’ll be on your way to better define your business branding goals for 2017.

But remember to pause & reflect and keep an open mind! Go for a walk! Stay positive!

Best Wishes of Success and Happiness for the New Year to you all!