Graphic design

Having a solid and well-defined brand is essential to compete in the business world. Redline Design offers a wide range of personalized graphic design work from logos to banners, signage to decals, flyers to postcards that represents your values and help maintain recognition, trust, and loyalty. Redline Design customers range from local natural meat producers to equine assisted coaching, massage therapists to architect.

Website Design

Do you need a site that looks professional, eye-catching, optimized for mobile and yet affordable? A site that reflects your brand and personality but also instills confidence in your visitors. My preferences go to WordPress, an open source content management (CMS) used by millions on the web. WordPress sites are all SEO (Search Engines Optimization) friendly, meaning you’ll simply rank higher and attract more visitors.

Spend nights and weekends trying to figure it out or simply ask me to put it all together. You’ll end up with a site that will differentiate yourself from competitors. I can also manage your site or teach you the rope for adding, updating contents. Don’t forget: A “sleeping” site attracts hackers.

Equine Reflection Site Design by Redline Design


Not all content is words, therefore the importance of finding the right photo. When commissioning work with Redline Design, you also have the opportunity to hire me as your photographer. I enjoy going on location and arranging photo sessions – it captures your identity best and creates stronger personal images to attach to your brand. I also have a large personal image bank or will search stock photos over the web keeping in mind quality and personality, all at a reasonable cost.

Social Networking

Today, more than ever in order to keep your customers you need to build a receptive audience and use social media platforms. I propose to clear the way for you and help you design stunning, modern, emails, e-newsletters (MailChimp integration with WordPress) as well as personalized social networks’ banners, event posts consistent with your branding (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc…). You will keep your audience wanting more news from you and reinforce your image/brand all over the web.